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Prayer and Spirituality

Part of St. Mark's Mission Statement is to make disciples of Christ who … pray daily. In so doing, we open our lives and hearts to the Holy Spirit to guide and deepen our prayer and spiritual lives. In addition to congregational times for worship and prayer, St. Mark's provides:

  • Encouragement to start all meetings, groups, events with prayer.
  • Prayer Sowers ministry. These "sowers" pray every day for specific ministries of the church, seeking God's guidance. If you would like to be a prayer sower, contact Margie Dodson through our church office.
  • Regular prayer vigils. Held at St. Mark's, individuals commune with God in the dimmed worship space as soft, spiritual music plays. Usually, vigils are held on the Saturday before Easter, the day before Pentecost, the Saturday before Rally Sunday, and during the church bazaar in Advent.
  • Prayer Partners. Individuals are paired and share personal prayer requests, then commit to pray daily for each other for a time. Stephen Ministers at St. Mark's act as prayer partners for their care-receivers.
  • Retreats ignite and support spiritual growth. at St. Mark's.
  • The "50 Day Spiritual Journey," a focused time of reflection, starts in the season of Lent, culminating at Easter. In this 50-day period, a special spiritual theme is presented through a retreat, special devotions, adult education, prayer partners, and Wednesday Lenten services, all planned to lift up Christ and bring us closer to Him.
  • Prayer Quilt Ministry. This special ministry is an opportunity for our us to make a prayer quilt for people facing unique personal/spiritual/physical challenges. It is sewn by our team, then hung in the narthex, and people stand and pray and then tie bows with the yarn, indicating a prayer has been given. Then, the quilt is blessed in church and given to the individual or family for which the prayers have been given. It draws everyone closer to our Lord.

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