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Youth Ministries

If you're a teenager in high school, waking up for church on Sunday is probably not tops on your list. That's why Youth Group will never force itself on any unsuspecting teens, but will welcome young adults in senior high to explore their spirituality, be involved in their community, and form new friendships with teens with similar interests. Here's what you could be getting yourself into:

Sunday Mornings In "The Dungeon!"
This may already sound like torture, but it's actually a pretty cozy and comfortable place to hang out. If you have not seen the artwork in the Dungeon come check it out. It's probably not something you'd want in your living room, but it is very colorful. The Dungeon is also a place to sleep during lock-ins. You don't have to belong to St. Mark's to come, as our youth regularly bring their friends along. Seeing new faces every week charges things up. Make sure you get there early or you'll have to sit on the floor. Lately, we've had lively debates about political and what God would think about the issues. The Youth Group goes places and does stuff!

Outreach programs
The youth who have returned this fall can tell you about their annual summer trip to West Virginia's Psalm 23 work camp, the Youth Conference at Virginia Beach, and visits to shut-ins and to the residents of Sojourner's Place. In September, Youth Group did the Lutheran Community Services Walk/Run to raise money to help stock local food pantries. We're planning trips now. Check it out:

  • Youth Conference in March 2011in Virginia Beach If you think you want to go, please get with John or Ellen Rendle. Their info is below.
  • Camp Psalm23, Gap Mills, West Virginia, in July 2011. We just returned from our 15th year going down to Appalachia to do God’s work.

See ya soon! The Youth

For more information
Contact John and Ellen Rendle 302.425.4977 are the people to get with for more info. This is a great group, and we have a lot of fun! So come check it out! We're also always looking for adults to help with activities and join us on trips.

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